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Blended Zio Jmx

blended-zio-jmx #

All blended applications require some basic JMX functionality:

MBean Server facade #

The MBean Server facade provides read only access to the MBeanServer of the underlying JVM. In Blended 3 the corresponding trait is defined here.

The corresponding implementation is implemented on top of some case classes to represent the JMX objects. The various methods in general return instances of Try after executing the calls to the MBeanServer.

MBean Server implementation details

Publish arbitrary case classes as JMX objects #

Blended 3 implements a mapping from arbitrary case classes to Dynamic MBeans. This mapping requires that all attributes of the case class are of a type supported by the Open MBean specification.

Any case class that shall be published to JMX requires a naming strategy which maps any given instance of the case class to a JMX Object Name.

To publish a value within Blended 3, other modules can simply publish case class instances to the Akka event stream.

The implementation in Blended 3 is completed by a MBeanManger actor which collects those published values from the event stream and creates or updates the MBeans within the MBean server accordingly.

For the ZIO based implementation the actor has been replaced with a service that can be made via a ZLayer which transforms the service interface from messages to properly typed ZIO effects.

MBean publisher implementation details

Service invocation metrics #

Blended 3 has a mechanism to capture metrics for arbitrary service invocations. Each service invocation is triggered by a ServiceInvocation Started event, eventually followed by either an ServiceInvocation Completed or ServiceInvocation Failed. Service Invocation events are identified by a unique invocation id.

Furthermore, any service invocation can be mapped to a group identifier, so that invocations belonging to the same group can be summarized:

  • the total invocation count
  • the count of currently active invocations
  • the count of failed invocations
  • the count of succeeded invocations
  • the minimal, maximal and average execution time of both succeeded and failed invocations

Within Blended 3 this is implemented by publishing corresponding events on the Akka Event Stream and a service implemented within an actor listening for these events. Also, this actor uses the JMX publishing mechanism to publish the group summaries as MBeans.

The ZIO implementation should migrate the actor based solution to a ZIO module and provide the service via a ZLayer to other modules within Blended ZIO. Also, the publishing of the group summaries to should be decoupled from the collector Service and implemented as an a service, which requires the collector within it’s environment.
Read more on the implementation details

Migration ToDo’s #

  • Service Invocation Metrics
    • Implement the service access, so that a singleton instance will be used
    • Review The singleton implementation as it uses an unsaferun method to initialize the TMaps used to hold the internal service state
    • Refactor the tests to use ZIO property based testing
  • MBeanServer Facade
  • JMX Publisher for arbitrary case classes
    • Revisit the publisher implementation to use locks rather than STM based operations as side effecting code such as registering MBeans might break the STM retries